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"Hope you had a great Christmas!  I wanted to let you know my husband said your print was “outstanding!”   A rare thing to hear from him! I framed the matte finished one in a chocolate colored mat and it looked great! Now he wants the other one framed so that he can hang it in his office.  He was impressed with the amount of detail and time you took on it. Thanks a bunch!"         Robin,   Raeford, NC


"I had to call you today to tell ya I LOVE the did an awesome job, dude...thanks again for the rush job!"      John,  Roanoke, VA


I will be honest with you and tell you why I chose you to do our shirts.  I sent out about 30 e's to Airbrush places and the responses were pretty much the same...........Pick one of our designs and we can write anything on them.  You were the ONLY one that actually made us our own design and sent it to me.  So you got both of our votes.  I want to thank you very much for taking the time for us.  I did give your name out already to a couple of people and told them if they use you to drop our names so you know where they come from.  I certainly would recommend you and if anyone ever wants to know about your work feel free to have them contact me.
       Thanks Again!!!!!                 Pam & Bill Brown


"Just got Rita's shirt in the mail today. You are awesome dude!!!!!!!! Your work is suberb! The detail and look catches exactly what I was looking for!  I will be sending you more work for sure! As soon as my buddy's and family see this, I know more work will be coming your way.  Please use my comments on your web page.  Your talent is some of the best work I have seen in my 35 plus years in the "truck craze".   As I said, "I'm an old guy, but still young at heart."  It's guys like you who keep me young. Thanks a million, again.                         Pete, Rochester, NY


Hi, last year you designed an off road t-shirt for my boy friend. His B-day is coming up in December and I would like to do something a little different, the last t-shirt I got was a Ramcharger like the one he has and you did an excellent job. He loves it!                  Tammy Morgan


Just wanted to let you know I received the shirt today, and I LOVE IT! It is even better than I expected, and I know he will just love it, too! Thank you so much, you do great work, do it just as specified, and so quickly, too! I am completely satisfied, and can't wait to see my boyfriends face when he sees his Jeep on Christmas!           Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!   Rebecca


I just got the package and lemme tell ya, I LOVE IT! I almost wanna keep it for myself, but thats not my car. It looks GREAT- just like his car. I love the color and just everything about it.  I will DEFINATELY use you again if the time comes. You have some real talent. Thanks so much- it looks better than i imagined. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thanks again!!!          Lyndsey Stevens


"I am sure you hear this all the time, but you have SOME talent, God has truely blessed you.......

.....Thanks again, the design looks Great!"                Bruce @ Hawks Third Gen Parts


"Thank you so much for doing the logo again this year!"         April @ Jeep Girl Club


"Looks great!  I put it (logo design) up on the forums, and everyone loves it!"

            Brian @ Lightning Owners of Maryland (LOOM)


"My brother loves his Durango shirt so much will need to get another one soon, as he wears it once a week,

            same with my husbands FZ shirt!  I’m amazed the shirts still look as good as when I first got them."

"Every time my husband wears his shirt riding his motorcycle he is asked, “Where did you get that Shirt!”"

         Patricia Wise


"Wow, you do good work!"        Jim @ Big Blue Oval


"The shirt looks awesome, more than I could have asked for!  I'm sure my girlfriend will love it!"      Kevin Potts


"Great custom airbrushed t-shirt."        Lisa @  Hummers Off-Road


"Your designs are AWESOME!!!"        Summary of most initial emails sent to Grape Ape Design


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