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Here are a few trips that the Grape Ape and I have been on: (I miss my truck!)

Uwharrie National Forest - various times and dates

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This is a new mini "Rock Garden" on the Dutch John Trail.   It's about 30 feet of oven-size

rocks close together, but far enough apart that the tires drop in between them.  Fun stuff!!

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And NO I am not stuck.  I made it through this on my first try, amazing all those looking on.

I did manage to bend my rear drive shaft going over the last rock though. BUT it sure was fun!

Tellico - June 8 -11, 2000

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This is Trail #2 at the infamous "ROCK GARDEN".  This was the easy section!

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This is "SLICKROCK"!  Normally, there is water running down this.  Imagine trying to drive over it then!

Wellsville, Ohio with the Rough Rangers 4x4 Club

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